TEKNOLOSUNGEN SISTEMAS SL is a company founded in 2002 dedicated to technical advice and sale of WHATEVER fastener system that can be object of an actual or future need for our customers.

TEKNOLOSUNGEN SISTEMAS SL, however, is not a simple industrial supply. The focus idea behind the company is the quest of applications and the posibility to provide the best fastener system that meets the technical requirements of the customer, working closely with Technical and Quality Departments.

TEKNOLOSUNGEN SISTEMAS SL works at first place with engineers of Technical Department and later with the Purchases Departments of customers, to take into account future needs besides the actual requirements. Finally, and in addition to the above activities, it also offers a technical and after-sales service. Customers obtain, thus, an integral service covering their global needs in the field of fastening systems.

To offer the best service, Teknolösungen Sistemas SL complies with ISO 9001:2008 norm of standarization.

Also to ensure and protect data and files, in compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) is fulfilled, and recorded in the “Agencia Española de Protección de Datos”.


The range of products currently offered by TEKNOLOSUNGEN SISTEMAS SL in the field of mechanical fastening systems is large, commercializing most of them under FASTTEK ® registered trademark owned by Teknolösungen Sistemas SL.
As an example, these are some of the products source of new applications (although it is a small sample of the development capability of Teknolösungen Sistemas SL):

      • Blind Rivets (both standard and structural).
      • Solid and semi-tubular rivets.
      • Rivet nuts.
      • Floating Nuts.
      • Fasteners in general, both standard (DIN, ISO) and special ones.
      • Riveting tools.
      • Mechanical fixings for industrial customers fast closing rate.
      • Tooling for aeronautics applications. Pins balls, expandable bolts, panel inserts ...
      • Automation Systems.

The customers are mainly first level manufacturers as well the providers are Tier 1 of the following sectors:

      • Aerospatial
      • Automotion (1er level)
      • Bodywork of cars or another transports
      • Household appliances
      • Air conditioning and accessories
      • Framework and office furniture
      • Electronics
      • Industrial lighting
      • Aeronautical tooling integrators
      • ...


To support the activities described in the previous section TEKNOLOSUNGEN SISTEMAS SL disposes the following facilities available and the strategic location:


Teknolosungen Sistemas SL, through its comercial network, it operates throughout the territory of Spain and Portugal.